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We're excited to announce that we are gonna be headlining Thornbury Festival 2023 on Saturday 1st July 2023! Come down for a fun filled weekend that will be topped off with an awesome set of rocking hits by the best rock tribute act in the multi-verse!


Keep an eye on our social media for confirmed set times but we should be on stage 9.15pm-10.45pm...


We cant wait!! See you there!! HF5, xxx



Challenge: name the most entertaining band you have ever seen.

Who’ve you got? Whoever it is, I bet they’re not a patch on the band I saw last night at The Brook in Southampton.

Yes, I’m throwing the rock gauntlet down. If you want the best night out, I suggest you channel your inner rock god and get down the front at the next Hairforce 5 show.

Hairforce 5 are a force of nature. They explode onto the stage in a whirlwind of spandex and hairspray and power through every 80s rock song of note – and a few more gems. They have the energy of a naughty toddler.

On speed.

In a toy shop.

On Christmas Eve.

They also have the musical goods to back up their bravado. The lead guitarist 'Deezel' more than does justice to many of the guitar solos required and the rhythm partnership of 'Rikki Thunder' on bass and 'Sticky Kramer' hold it all together like super glue.... Finally, one of the most entertaining frontmen in rock n roll ,'Stevie Vyper'  ,the lead singer and ringmaster of this rock circus. His crazy eyes dart around the room daring you to rock harder than you ever thought possible. His links between songs are the most contrived and well-spoken and they’re a complete treat. We, the crowd, are in the palm of his hand as he calls out more and more ridiculous sounds and phrases for us to copy. And like lambs to the slaughter, we do. Because we are invested in the show and the fun of the fair. And we all bloody love him. '

My dear friend , a husband, a father, a professional, an upstanding member of the community, repeatedly screamed towards the stage, “I LOVE YOU!”.

That’s the power this man, and Hairforce 5 in general have over us.

I also particularly like the keyboardist they call 'Roland'!

Last night, I sung until my throat was raw and busted out some of my best dance moves until I sweated more than a lady should. I did all of this with some of my best friends and with a soundtrack of face-meltingly awesome music. I was ridiculously excited before they came on stage and the smile has still not left my face in their wake. You could say it was a pretty good night.

So, back to my original challenge. When was the last time you were entertained that much at a live show?

A band like Hairforce 5 appear as a jokey, tribute band on first impression, but they are, without doubt, the purveyors of the best musical night out one can imagine. You cannot fail to have a good time.

If you don’t need nothin’ but a good time, get yourself to their next show.


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